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  • Overview

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    B2B Connections

    * B2B Portal
    * Connect and communicate with other Organizations online
    * Service Level Agreements (SLA) between Organizations
    * Submit work items (tickets) and track work in progress
    * Share Announcements

    Organization Portal

    * Communication Portal(s)
      - Status Updade - Blogging - Q&A - Announcements
    * Multiple workspaces
    * Create multiple work item types under each workspace
    * Release Management
    * Change Management
    * Online documents, with customizable templates
    * Reference documents
    * Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
    * Timesheets, integrated with work items
    * Reports and Reports Scheduling (send via email)
    * Knowledge base
    * Highly Customizable and very User friendly
    * Web2 technology
    * Scalable and Cloud Hosting

    Customer Connections

    * Customer Portal
    * Connect with customers.
    * Customers submit tickets and track progress online.
    * Service level Agreement (SLA) with customers.
    * Share Customer Announcements.
  • Busuiness-2-Business (B2B) Connections

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    Work Spectrum

    WorkSpectrum extends the reach of Organizations to communicate with other external Organizations (such as Service Providers) using Web Services.

    Organizations can establish B2B connections with other Organizations, and once connected, users can submit Work Items to the external Organization with a single click.

    Users from both Organizations can continue tracking the progress of Work Items and communicating with each other using WorkSpectrum's seamless interface.

  • Customizable Workspaces

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    Work Spectrum

    Multiple workspaces can be created under the Organization to support multiple projects, divisions, or Service Desks. Each workspace will have it's own area to track work items.

    WorkSpectrum supports creating multiple Work Item Types under each workspace, and users can customize work item types independent of other workspaces, using any methodology.

    WorkSpectrum is easy to use and highly customizable. Users can be assigned and granted access to workspaces, and user access can be controlled based on roles they are assigned to.

    Communication Portals is another unique feature of WorkSpectrum. Multiple Communication Portals are available for users at Organization and each workspace level to communicate with other users using Status Update, Blogging, Announcements and Q&A functionality of WorkSpectrum.

  • Other features

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    Change, Release and Project Management: Work Items can be broken down further in Sub-Tasks. Each Sub-Task can be planned and tracked using estimated and actual start, end dates and hours. Multiple Releases can be created, and Work Items can be easily assosciated with a Release. WorkSpecrtum provides various Project Management reports that can be downloaded in various formats.

    Online Documents: Users can create online documents using the WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor. To take the integration further WorkSpectrum provides the ability for users to highlight text from an online document and create Work Items directly from the document.

    Reference Documents: Users can upload reference document, check out, check in documents, or email directly from WorkSpectrum. Users can review documents and add comments online.

    Knowledgebase: Users can easily create knowledgebase articles directly from the Work Items. Knowledgebase articles can be tagged and searched back by "Tags". Users can "Rate" the article based on the usefulness or effectiveness, thus making Knowledgebase more user friendly and worthy.

    Customer Portal: External users, such as Customers can submit their service requests online. Thus enabling Customers to create tickets, share tickets with other customers, communicate with users from the Organization, and track progress of their tickets via Customer Portal.

    Service Level Agreements: WorkSpectrum enables the configuration of Service Level Agreements for Customers and each B2B Connection, for each priority level. WorkSpectrum can automatically escalate Work Items based on the Service Level Agreement.

    And many more ... Create your Organization record today and try WorkSpectrum for FREE!