WorkSpectrum is the tool for IT project Management

Simple and Secure WorkSpectrum is a simple and easy to use tool. Simple customization and administration functions makes WorkSpectrum very easy to maintain and support, no programming knowledge is required! Under the Organization account you can add multiple Workspaces, add multiple users and assign users to one or more Workspaces. WorkSpectrum provides secure access to users for the Workspaces they are assigned to.
Powerful Multi-User, multi-Workspace access provides very powerful and effective functionality for any Organization. This makes it very easy for any medium to large size Organization to support multiple teams and partitioning their work in secured Workspaces.
Workspaces You can create multiple Workspaces under the Organization account. Each Workspace can be customized to support different methodology, such as: Agile, PMBoK, ITIL, etc. Customization provides the ability to create various user defined Work Item Types under each Workspace. Multiple Releases (Projects, Sprints, Versions, etc.) can be created and tracked under each Workspace.
Reporting In-build reports and ad-hoc queries provides very powerful reporting mechanism. Report Scheduler is another powerful tool that enables users to send reports via email at pre-defined schedules.
Documentation WorkSpectrum provides powerful online documentation functionality. Users can define templates, create and store project documentation (such as: Requirement Specification Document, Meeting Minutes, Use Cases, User Stories, Test Cases, etc.). Users can open an online document in a review mode, select text(s) and create multiple Work Items in a single click.
Time Tracking WorkSpectrum provides time tracking functionality that can be used independently or can be linked to Work Items. If time is tracked against Work Items, then time will be reported on all project management reports.

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